Programs written while learning Ada programming language.


最終更新 1週間前

Userspace pen tablet driver written with libusb and libevdev.

最終更新 2週間前

Minetest mod that adds musical instruments.

最終更新 1ヶ月前

Simple OBS script that shows a notification upon pending transactions.

最終更新 5ヶ月前

Generates partially mnemonic addresses for Duniter cryptocurrencies.

最終更新 9ヶ月前

(C++11) Converts Reflex maps to id Tech .map format for use in map editors.

最終更新 1年前

Xonotic map for 6+ player free-for-all featuring surf and slick mechanics.

最終更新 2年前

Xonotic map for small deathmatches featuring a bent warpzone.

最終更新 3年前

(C, SQL) Website CGI to display Race CTS leaderboards of a Xonotic server.

最終更新 3年前

C Library for handling 3D model formats and associated binary data of the game Devil May Cry.

最終更新 3年前

(Python3) A converter for Devil May Cry 1 model formats to Wavefront Object, vice versa.

最終更新 3年前

(Lua, ASMx86) Replication of Devil May Cry 4's debug functions for it's re-released version.

最終更新 3年前

A converter for Devil May Cry 1 model formats to Collada, vice versa.

最終更新 3年前

(C) Relatively high density file backups on paper. Cross-platform CLI port of Ollydbg's Paperback from Windows and Borland C.

最終更新 3年前