Website CGI to display Race CTS leaderboards of a Xonotic server.
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CFLAGS= -Ofast -I"include"
all: main
staticgen: colors.o src/dbquery.c
echo "\nCompiling executable as static page generator\n"
gcc -c src/dbquery.c $(CFLAGS) -DSTATICGEN
gcc -c src/main.c $(CFLAGS) -DSTATICGEN
gcc colors.o dbquery.o main.o -lsqlite3 -o $(BIN)
main: main.o
gcc colors.o dbquery.o main.o -lsqlite3 -o $(BIN)
main.o: dbquery.o src/main.c
gcc -c src/main.c $(CFLAGS)
dbquery.o: colors.o src/dbquery.c
gcc -c src/dbquery.c $(CFLAGS)
colors.o: src/colors.c
gcc -c src/colors.c $(CFLAGS)
testcolor: src/colors.c src/tcolor.c
gcc src/colors.c src/tcolor.c -o tcolor -I"includes" -g
rm *.o