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scuti 2c368021e7 staticgen (#2) 4 months ago
0a8611065b Limited line width to 80 characters 5 years ago
dad86bc0f2 Added license file 5 years ago
f18aec4ff5 Revised repository organization 5 years ago
068c8462d7 Fixed formatting error (missing line break) 5 years ago
365b7a910a New Readme 5 years ago
3827d5fa22 Replaced hardcoded numbers with their defined aliases 5 years ago
958ac80727 Added read me file 5 years ago
e2256271ad Added docs 5 years ago
96c716d74b Changed unsigned int to unsigned long to truly handle an unreasonably long run. 5 years ago
a9141fa394 Removed queries that aren't used in the program. 5 years ago
e7c71570c7 minor reordering of switch- most common case first 5 years ago
ebb835f24e Added make file. 5 years ago
0fb8977c94 Fixed issue where red/orange/yellow names are improperly colored. 5 years ago
97ccf969c0 Improved accuracy for blue colors. 5 years ago
a01a1fe563 Fixed bug where a junk query disables formatting for fields. 5 years ago
ea45b27a6a Improving readability of qresult function. 5 years ago
09a972b4d3 Fixed issue where player names that begin with x are not displayed. 5 years ago
afb0a4848e Will print out the contents of .sql on failure to prepare statement. 5 years ago
589f7cec9f Strings edited to refer to program instead of its python counterpart. 5 years ago
90a98c94b3 Changed for public view (from testing purposes) 5 years ago
3afe9390cc Minor, properly substituted removed define. 5 years ago
fdc0b3f67a Fixed bug of visible color code that does not have text to color. 5 years ago
2c26d3a225 Colors player name- a bit inaccurately and with a few issues. 5 years ago
8332c16704 Split file 'colors.c' 5 years ago
2180a4126e Fixed off-by one bug on hsl to rgb conversion 5 years ago
d48b9e9b98 color conversion to hsl working 5 years ago
511d47e4a2 Added ignore file. 5 years ago
82efb034ad Split files into header and implementation 5 years ago
cb2f43b7c2 fixed all warnings from compiler 5 years ago
f88147df5d Created conditions for fields that will need to be handled differently 5 years ago
32c7286040 Now displays formatted time. 5 years ago
0a9b9a2ef6 taken into account of a NULL query string 5 years ago
9894f3c77a got tables to display in a basic way 5 years ago
3f04c1ad99 added function for html table labels 5 years ago
51830a8122 Removed unneeded parameter and enum. 5 years ago
a51cefc971 Fixed issue w/ memory on 2 calls containing malloc 5 years ago
34efe6ac4a Initial - added better mleaderboard query 5 years ago