24 Commits (scuti/refactor)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  - 166115e099 Added exit when junk arguments are received for -w 1 year ago
  - 5256b0e26f Re-added -t switch 1 year ago
  - d4f675b9de updated usages. 1 year ago
  - 7833c99b82 Eliminated -x switch for regex 1 year ago
  - 182b8f9033 Re-added option for seeds only. 1 year ago
  - 6d821fe8c7 Updated README and usage() for -x 1 year ago
  - 1912e38945 Updated documentation for -n 1 year ago
  - d0197cf38d Removed anotherArgumentWasExpected() - no longer used 1 year ago
  - d6e22afc2f Clean up: unused code and vars 1 year ago
  - b2e71db005 Skipped extra memory allocations in regex block 1 year ago
  - 3fa5f7d709 Eliminated vars for regex compilation loop 1 year ago
  - f7a191b1cb Created function 'countlines' for function readregex 1 year ago
  - 8370dccf16 Moved regex block to its own function. 1 year ago
  - 3d80ec1b01 Revised check for regex file. 1 year ago
  - fc249c2831 Function readfile used for regexfile 1 year ago
  - 384bde24bd Changed -n checks to reject if either integers = 0 1 year ago
  - 49fc8d45b3 Removed statements for testing arg parsing 1 year ago
  - e939db7025 Main program reads from settings. 1 year ago
  - 037d6393a4 Added check to prevent segfault upon '-n <int> <int>' 1 year ago
  - f11820049a Added & tested function 'argparse' 1 year ago
  - a3163a63dc Moved block above 'MAIN PROGRAM' to separate file 1 year ago
  Jean-Yves Toumit cfe97c93b1 fixed bug on sentences 1 year ago
  jytou dd5818d201 added saving to a file 4 years ago
  jytou ebece0e958 Initial commit 4 years ago