(C) Relatively high density file backups on paper. Cross-platform CLI port of Ollydbg's Paperback from Windows and Borland C.
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* =====================================================================================
* Filename: Fileproc.h
* Description:
* Version: 1.2
* Created: 07/26/2017 05:32:51 AM
* Revision: none
* Compiler: gcc
* Author: Oleh Yuschuk
* Modified By: suhrke@teknik.io
* =====================================================================================
#ifndef FILEPROC_H
#define FILEPROC_H
#include <string>
#include "Global.h"
#ifdef _WIN32
#include <windows.h>
typedef struct t_fproc { // Descriptor of processed file
int busy; // In work
// General file data.
char name[64]; // File name - may have all 64 chars
#ifdef _WIN32
FILETIME modified; // Time of last file modification
#elif __linux__
time_t modified; // Time of last file modification
ulong attributes; // Basic file attrributes
ulong datasize; // Size of (compressed) data
ulong pagesize; // Size of (compressed) data on page
ulong origsize; // Size of original (uncompressed) data
ulong mode; // Special mode bits, set of PBM_xxx
int npages; // Total number of pages
ulong filecrc; // 16-bit CRC of decrypted packed file
// Properties of currently processed page.
int page; // Currently processed page
int ngroup; // Actual NGROUP on the page
ulong minpageaddr; // Minimal address of block on page
ulong maxpageaddr; // Maximal address of block on page
// Gathered data.
int nblock; // Total number of data blocks
int ndata; // Number of decoded blocks so far
uchar *datavalid; // 0:data invalid, 1:valid, 2:recovery
uchar *data; // Gathered data
// Statistics.
int goodblocks; // Total number of good blocks read
int badblocks; // Total number of unreadable blocks
ulong restoredbytes; // Total number of bytes restored by ECC
int recoveredblocks; // Total number of recovered blocks
int rempages[8]; // 1-based list of remaining pages
} t_fproc;
extern t_fproc fproc; // Processed file
void Closefproc();
int Startnextpage(t_superblock *superblock);
int Addblock(t_block *block);
int Finishpage(int ngood,int nbad,ulong nrestored);
int Saverestoredfile(int force);
#endif //FILEPROC_H