(C) Relatively high density file backups on paper. Cross-platform CLI port of Ollydbg's Paperback from Windows and Borland C.
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* =====================================================================================
* Filename: Compress.h
* Description: Compression functions that wrap BZLIB
* Version: 1.2
* Created: 07/26/2017 08:40:51 PM
* Revision: none
* Compiler: gcc
* Author: Oleh Yuschuk
* Modified By: suhrke@teknik.io
* =====================================================================================
#ifndef COMPRESS_H
#define COMPRESS_H
#include "Global.h"
#define DBITLEN 16 // Max. dictionary size is 2**DBITLEN
#define NBITS 8 // We deal with bytes, aren't we?
typedef unsigned char uchar;
typedef unsigned int uint;
typedef unsigned long ulong;
typedef unsigned short ushort;
typedef struct t_centry { // Entry in encoding dictionary
ushort character;
ushort code;
struct t_centry *lptr;
struct t_centry *rptr;
} t_centry;
typedef struct t_dentry { // Entry in decoding dictionary
ushort character;
struct t_dentry *prev;
} t_dentry;
static t_centry *cdict; // Pointer to encoding dictionary
static t_dentry *ddict; // Pointer to decoding dictionary
static uint ndict; // Current number of words in dictionary
static uchar *bout; // Pointer to output buffer
static ulong nbout; // Size of output buffer
static ulong nout; // Actual number of output bytes
static uchar *bin; // Pointer to input buffer
static ulong nbin; // Size of input buffer
static ulong nin; // Actual number of input bytes
static ulong wrvalue;
static ulong rdvalue;
static uint wrbits;
static uint rdbits;
static ulong codelen; // Current number of bits in output code
void Writecode(uint value);
int Compress(uchar *bufin,ulong nbufin,uchar *bufout,ulong nbufout);
void Writelink(t_dentry *chain,uint *character);
uint Writestring(uint prevcode,uint currcode,uint firstchar);
uint Readcode(void);
int Decompress(uchar *bufin,ulong nbufin,uchar *bufout,ulong nbufout);
#endif //COMPRESS_H