70 Commits (bd62193495dab1c772cd3e491a88c423be526611)

Author SHA1 Message Date
suhrke bd62193495 Overlay struct used to correctly write header in Linux 5 years ago
suhrke 5c6a13f4a2 Removed data size vars used to track compressed data size 5 years ago
2cdf94e599 Added error message on failure to prepare file 5 years ago
a2560266f3 Added return values, and initialized l as 0 to fix incorrect judgement of file size validity 5 years ago
431190d04c Made Preparefiletoprint return int based on success and failure 5 years ago
suhrke 3da3909820 Fixed height and width of printable area (A4 paper) 5 years ago
92ea5fa154 main has instance of t_printdata 5 years ago
5d40794f1f Fixed issue with input and output files not being set 5 years ago
suhrke 0649c84cd1 printdata->outbmp set but still have issues 5 years ago
suhrke b97c72bafb Merged default paper size with previous commit 5 years ago
suhrke 070359bf1a Default paper size added 5 years ago
6621b5574d Fixed segmentation fault on Windows for encode option 5 years ago
suhrke cf26ab6341 Printout of block decoding stats added 5 years ago
suhrke c037240bf3 main calls Startnextpage, printouts show superblock never found in bitmaps 5 years ago
suhrke 55b54e3d6e Decoder mostly ported, still needs Fileproc functions ported 5 years ago
2ef8d6b9a1 Addressed compilation error on gcc/Windows - define for bitmap file header 5 years ago
suhrke d6a37d9679 Error conditions now indicated to caller through most of Decoder 5 years ago
suhrke 6655198818 bitmap alignment issue in linux fixed 5 years ago
3a35ff7b2c Added printouts for Decoder 5 years ago
suhrke 2313bbee5a Did not fix bitmap struct alignment issue in linux, reverting 5 years ago
suhrke 826d559c55 Fixed multiple definitions on windows error 5 years ago
suhrke c6f97f6f0d No longer use different bmp structs on windows and linux 5 years ago
suhrke 622bb87daa check that debug statements match on windows+linux 5 years ago
suhrke dd01a3dbb4 Decoder outputs what attribute of bitmap is unsupported on error 5 years ago
suhrke 8eaaabcd1a Decoder works from Decodebitmap through Getgridintensity, fixed warnings 5 years ago
suhrke 562ce92603 Getting extremely small values for height 5 years ago
suhrke 987e264a52 Fixed nasty crash from allocating oversized buffers 5 years ago
suhrke 3ec73b4fee minor bug fixes, printer control flow added to main 5 years ago
suhrke 05c02addc5 compiles and runs on linux, segfaults as expected 5 years ago
dee4887496 function Initializeprinting compiles on gcc/Windows 5 years ago
695cae26cc function Preparefiletoprint compiles on gcc/windows 5 years ago
982c2300e8 Compileable - ported function Stopprinting 5 years ago
291e09ade4 Addressed linking error in fileproc 5 years ago
1d30a63a56 Addressed compilation errors in main 5 years ago
suhrke 63d25017a5 We need a few more functions from Printer ported, printer control flow added to main 5 years ago
5bac6165a0 Simplified option for mode. 5 years ago
suhrke b98c2cfb41 pseudocode added (attempt to translate control flow) 5 years ago
suhrke 8250383364 removed Compress 5 years ago
suhrke 16a5086200 [milestone] at least it compiles (2 of 2) 5 years ago
suhrke a2bc7dc678 [milestone] at least it compiles 5 years ago
b846bd342c Addressed Fileproc compilation errors on msys/windows 5 years ago
ca991e846c Added required flag to compile on msys2/windows 5 years ago
suhrke c12d74f649 pushed inlined functions in Global.h 5 years ago
suhrke 4a90602cdc Re-added windows file handling to Fileproc because Filetime needed 5 years ago
suhrke 2165899504 Attempted compilation, fails on linking Global primitives 5 years ago
6c188c4bad Added check for arguments and ranges for args 5 years ago
acfff90aa8 Main with argument parsing 5 years ago
suhrke a3dd9eac23 submoduled cxxopts 5 years ago
18c495fc03 Removed copies of original code 5 years ago
d22eecb933 Moved ported files into source folder 5 years ago