10 Commits (6a66d5d280a0b7dce9e8f5359301da1bd64aa50f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  suhrke 6a66d5d280 Added -f flag (not yet used). Added README.md. Misc changes 4 years ago
  suhrke 9cb7e36aae Init pb_outbmp in main, reorganize 4 years ago
  _ edd8763254 Added getopts argument parsing to replace cxxopts 4 years ago
  suhrke e48684c07d Decodes in linux, segfaults due to cxxopts 4 years ago
  suhrke dd57d9b899 all compile, printer has issues writing name but blocks recognized by original paperbak 4 years ago
  suhrke 4c3e06ff8c In windows, includes defines but not structs it already has from Bitmap.h 4 years ago
  suhrke d7c4476efc Compiles and creates bmp in linux 4 years ago
  suhrke 29d595963b Print + basic main compiles, runs, creates black bmp 4 years ago
  suhrke 7f21c18018 norefactor branch added for a different porting approach 4 years ago
  suhrke af4a1b226c Added portable fnsplit and fnmerge 4 years ago
  suhrke 7e4d9163b6 Debugging output more readable 4 years ago
  suhrke 7e8acbda47 struct printout functions added 4 years ago
  suhrke 4e555fd2da Fixed ported WriteFile issue (multi-purpose variables) 4 years ago
   2cdf94e599 Added error message on failure to prepare file 4 years ago
  suhrke 3da3909820 Fixed height and width of printable area (A4 paper) 4 years ago
   92ea5fa154 main has instance of t_printdata 4 years ago
  suhrke 070359bf1a Default paper size added 4 years ago
  suhrke c037240bf3 main calls Startnextpage, printouts show superblock never found in bitmaps 4 years ago
  suhrke 55b54e3d6e Decoder mostly ported, still needs Fileproc functions ported 4 years ago
  suhrke d6a37d9679 Error conditions now indicated to caller through most of Decoder 4 years ago
  suhrke dd01a3dbb4 Decoder outputs what attribute of bitmap is unsupported on error 4 years ago
  suhrke 8eaaabcd1a Decoder works from Decodebitmap through Getgridintensity, fixed warnings 4 years ago
  suhrke 562ce92603 Getting extremely small values for height 4 years ago
  suhrke 987e264a52 Fixed nasty crash from allocating oversized buffers 4 years ago
  suhrke 3ec73b4fee minor bug fixes, printer control flow added to main 4 years ago
  suhrke 05c02addc5 compiles and runs on linux, segfaults as expected 4 years ago
   982c2300e8 Compileable - ported function Stopprinting 4 years ago
   1d30a63a56 Addressed compilation errors in main 4 years ago
  suhrke 63d25017a5 We need a few more functions from Printer ported, printer control flow added to main 4 years ago
   5bac6165a0 Simplified option for mode. 4 years ago
  suhrke b98c2cfb41 pseudocode added (attempt to translate control flow) 4 years ago
  suhrke 16a5086200 [milestone] at least it compiles (2 of 2) 4 years ago
   6c188c4bad Added check for arguments and ranges for args 4 years ago
   acfff90aa8 Main with argument parsing 4 years ago