7 Commits (6a66d5d280a0b7dce9e8f5359301da1bd64aa50f)

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  suhrke 6a66d5d280 Added -f flag (not yet used). Added README.md. Misc changes 4 years ago
  suhrke 9cb7e36aae Init pb_outbmp in main, reorganize 4 years ago
  suhrke e48684c07d Decodes in linux, segfaults due to cxxopts 4 years ago
  suhrke dd57d9b899 all compile, printer has issues writing name but blocks recognized by original paperbak 4 years ago
  suhrke 29d595963b Print + basic main compiles, runs, creates black bmp 4 years ago
  suhrke 7f21c18018 norefactor branch added for a different porting approach 4 years ago
  suhrke af4a1b226c Added portable fnsplit and fnmerge 4 years ago
   53c21ee4f0 Fixed segmentation fault for decoding on Windows 4 years ago
   291e09ade4 Addressed linking error in fileproc 4 years ago
  suhrke 16a5086200 [milestone] at least it compiles (2 of 2) 4 years ago
   b846bd342c Addressed Fileproc compilation errors on msys/windows 4 years ago
  suhrke 4a90602cdc Re-added windows file handling to Fileproc because Filetime needed 4 years ago
   d22eecb933 Moved ported files into source folder 4 years ago
  suhrke 547668bc3e Fileproc made more portable, Bitmap include in Decoder fixed 4 years ago
  suhrke eabc200594 moved Filetimetotext() to Global, changed windows to linux line endings 4 years ago
  suhrke faff9f57cd Fileproc added, minor additions to Global 4 years ago
   41a5acf8e5 Sorted original files 4 years ago
   ff92bf024c Initial commit of original program 4 years ago