14 Commits (6621b5574de5e88e169a82480fbfc5242eb2e57a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
6621b5574d Fixed segmentation fault on Windows for encode option 5 years ago
suhrke 2313bbee5a Did not fix bitmap struct alignment issue in linux, reverting 5 years ago
suhrke 826d559c55 Fixed multiple definitions on windows error 5 years ago
suhrke 8eaaabcd1a Decoder works from Decodebitmap through Getgridintensity, fixed warnings 5 years ago
suhrke 562ce92603 Getting extremely small values for height 5 years ago
suhrke 987e264a52 Fixed nasty crash from allocating oversized buffers 5 years ago
suhrke 3ec73b4fee minor bug fixes, printer control flow added to main 5 years ago
suhrke 05c02addc5 compiles and runs on linux, segfaults as expected 5 years ago
dee4887496 function Initializeprinting compiles on gcc/Windows 5 years ago
695cae26cc function Preparefiletoprint compiles on gcc/windows 5 years ago
982c2300e8 Compileable - ported function Stopprinting 5 years ago
suhrke 63d25017a5 We need a few more functions from Printer ported, printer control flow added to main 5 years ago
suhrke 16a5086200 [milestone] at least it compiles (2 of 2) 5 years ago
d22eecb933 Moved ported files into source folder 5 years ago
a120707fbd Fixed compilation error for Windows on Printer.cpp 5 years ago
suhrke 76a1a03b01 [minor] #endif moved to correct line 5 years ago
suhrke e406ca7af8 Printer now compiles in linux, sections marked !!! need second look 5 years ago
006d419c44 Printer (write bitmap functionality) compileable on gcc 5 years ago
41a5acf8e5 Sorted original files 5 years ago
ff92bf024c Initial commit of original program 5 years ago