(C) Relatively high density file backups on paper. Cross-platform CLI port of Ollydbg's Paperback from Windows and Borland C.
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* =====================================================================================
* Filename: Printer.h
* Description: Functions to create a bitmap
* Version: 1.2
* Created: 07/26/2017 11:44:34 PM
* Revision: none
* Compiler: gcc
* Author: Oleh Yuschuk
* Modified By: suhrke@teknik.io
* =====================================================================================
#ifndef PRINTER_H
#define PRINTER_H
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include "Global.h"
#ifdef __linux__
#include "Bitmap.h"
#include <sys/stat.h>
#define PACKLEN 65536 // Length of data read buffer 64 K
#define HEIGHT_A4 297 // In millimeters
#define WIDTH_A4 210 // In millimeters
typedef struct t_printdata { // Print control structure
int step; // Next data printing step (0 - idle)
std::string infile; // Name of input file
std::string outbmp; // Name of output bitmap (empty: paper)
#ifdef _WIN32
HANDLE hfile; // Handle of input file
FILETIME modified; // Time of last file modification
HBITMAP hbmp; // Handle of memory bitmap
ulong attributes; // File attributes
#elif __linux
FILE *hfile;
struct stat attributes;
time_t modified;
ulong origsize; // Original file size, bytes
ulong readsize; // Amount of data read from file so far
ulong datasize; // Size of (compressed) data
ulong alignedsize; // Data size aligned to next 16 bytes
ulong pagesize; // Size of (compressed) data on page
int compression; // 0: none, 1: fast, 2: maximal
int encryption; // 0: none, 1: encrypt
int printheader; // Print header and footer
int printborder; // Print border around bitmap
int redundancy; // Redundancy
uchar *buf; // Buffer for compressed file
ulong bufsize; // Size of buf, bytes
uchar *readbuf; // Read buffer, PACKLEN bytes long
//bz_stream bzstream; // Compression control structure
int bufcrc; // 16-bit CRC of (packed) data in buf
t_superdata superdata; // Identification block on paper
//HDC dc; // Printer device context
int frompage; // First page to print (0-based)
int topage; // Last page (0-based, inclusive)
int ppix; // Printer X resolution, pixels per inch
int ppiy; // Printer Y resolution, pixels per inch
int width; // Page width, pixels
int height; // Page height, pixels
//HFONT hfont6; // Font 1/6 inch high
//HFONT hfont10; // Font 1/10 inch high
int extratop; // Height of title line, pixels
int extrabottom; // Height of info line, pixels
int black; // Palette index of dots colour
int borderleft; // Left page border, pixels
int borderright; // Right page border, pixels
int bordertop; // Top page border, pixels
int borderbottom; // Bottom page border, pixels
int dx,dy; // Distance between dots, pixels
int px,py; // Dot size, pixels
int nx,ny; // Grid dimensions, blocks
int border; // Border around the data grid, pixels
uchar *dibbits; // Pointer to DIB bits
uchar *drawbits; // Pointer to file bitmap bits
uchar bmi[sizeof(BITMAPINFO)+256*sizeof(RGBQUAD)]; // Bitmap info
int startdoc; // Print job started
} t_printdata;
//uniques (should not have copies of)
extern int resx,resy; // Printer resolution, dpi (may be 0!)
extern t_printdata printdata; // Print control structure
t_printdata Printfile(const std::string &path, const std::string &bmp);
void Preparefiletoprint(t_printdata *print);
int Initializeprinting(t_printdata *print, uint pageWidth, uint pageHeight);
void Stopprinting(t_printdata *print);
void Printnextpage(t_printdata *print);
static void Drawblock(int index,t_data *block,uchar *bits,int width,int height,
int border,int nx,int ny,int dx,int dy,int px,int py,int black);
static void Fillblock(int blockx,int blocky,uchar *bits,int width,int height,
int border,int nx,int ny,int dx,int dy,int px,int py,int black);