Userspace pen tablet driver written with libusb and libevdev.
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Hanvon Tablet Drivers

Userspace driver for Hanvon pen tablets adapted from the original Linux kernel driver. Supports tablet features such as pen coordinates, x and y tilt angle, hover detection, pressure detection, and button input.


cmake pkg-config make libusb-devel libevdev-devel


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..


sudo ./hvlusb

Run the output executable from a terminal with sudo (preferrably in the background).

Supported Hardware

All tablets supported by the original driver should work, but only GP0504 has been tested.

The original driver supported the following models:

ArtMaster: AM3M, AM0605, AM0806, AM1107, AM1209

Rollick: RL0604, RL0504

GraphicPal: GP0504, GP0605, GP0605+, GP0806, GP0906

Nilox: NXS1315

Art Painter Pro: APPIV0906

upstream repository:

forked from: