Simple OBS script that shows a notification upon pending transactions.
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Duniter Alert

Creates a simple notification upon pending Duniter transactions.


This script can be downloaded to any location.

git clone

Open OBS Studio. Go to Tools, Scripts, Add New Scripts (+), to load this script. If the script has been loaded, Script Log should report:

[] duniter alert active.

A small menu for script settings will load underneath the description.


Requires a text source and a Duniter address to watch.

  1. Add a text source onto your scene and select it for the script.

  2. Copy and paste an address to watch into the field for ‘Address’.

  3. Click the Test button to preview what your stream notification would look like.

Additional Notes

Tested with OBS Studio 26.1.2 and Python 3.9.5

If you receive an ImportError as a result of import urllib.request and a Python version later than 3.8, you may need to apply this patch and rebuild OBS. (related issue)