(Lua, ASMx86) Replication of Devil May Cry 4's debug functions for it's re-released version.
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“Debug Mode” for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

This is a set of Cheat Tables made with Cheat Engine 6.4

The feature list can be viewed on it’s Infernal Works thread.

Currently there are two files:

  • DMC4SE-Data&Dev, contains Cheat Engine entries for objects and addresses.
  • DMC4SE-Scripts-ONLY, contains only scripts for the game.

DMC4SE-Scripts-ONLY comes with scripts to play with such as automatic cutscene skipping, practice mode, and other cheats.

DMC4SE-Data&Dev comes with additional scripts that may not be of use for the average player. Although some Cheat Engine entries like Work Rate, and health, still may be of use.

Both of these Cheat Tables have scripting that makes them automatically attach to the game. Two Cheat Tables attaching right away may cause the game to crash. So I recommend to someone intending only to play the game and fool around, to copy and paste Cheat Engine entries from DMC4SE-Data&Dev into DMC4SE-Scripts-ONLY.