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   f43e83937e Added Berial Fire Lost script and some boss data 5 years ago
   0047e8c43d Added LDK+DMD Script 5 years ago
   05bfc5c3c3 Added script that removes need to collect orbs in missions. 5 years ago
   69a407167c Added WIP boss rush- still warps to intermediate areas 5 years ago
   ffc00a478f Added must style mode script - some slight issue with comiss 5 years ago
   96ea2356bd Added style meter 5 years ago
   c97b5849f0 Added enemy 1 hit kill to table. 5 years ago
   22bbafc193 Large categories are collapsed on default now. 5 years ago
   4a7a9ec9e8 Added scoring data for Vergil 5 years ago
   2660cdd691 Mapped out upgrades for Dante's region in Save Data 5 years ago
   de1949d9e1 Mapped out upgrades for Nero's region in Save Data 5 years ago
   1fd4624e27 Identified Save Data section for Lady/Trish & some corrections 5 years ago
   36802d98c0 Purged headers, added more documentation. 5 years ago
   27ecd3204e Added script that allows item buying from statue on BP start menu 5 years ago
   77b1f251e8 Added some documentation to devil trigger functions. 5 years ago
   8b27cb9c47 First batch of data. 5 years ago