52 Commits (826ca64d7379d57783f17b14a7778480fd9ebbb8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
   826ca64d73 No death script extends protection to Nero's meat shields 5 years ago
   d4de5834e5 No Damage script- no contribute to style points & extends to Nero's Grab 5 years ago
   16dd1879b2 New 'convenience scripts' for character spawn alteration. 5 years ago
   66d8877e81 New Lua function - AOBScan and display results 5 years ago
   24325cc28a Found Dante's Weapon Control Data 5 years ago
   9217d790cc New script- unsticks style meter (under S rank) 5 years ago
   93c3a0f61f In-game menu is now based on lists. 5 years ago
   d238faae33 Fixed bad fonting - crude start is working 100% 5 years ago
   4da9877e85 Work in progress in-game menu only a start. 5 years ago
   8aa7746ebf Fixed up Bianco Angelo Spawn Replacements 5 years ago
   9f36cfe310 Lua script for auto-attach and auto-activation. 5 years ago
   d53e8359ea Fixed up an enemy swap entry for Mephisto. 5 years ago
   9eb7331ebc Added real Area Jumping. 5 years ago
   44d47780c4 Added Enemy swaps & re-added old Disable Camera Event as Auto-Skip 5 years ago
   ae8e93569b Improved Disable Camera Event & some more data from collaboration 5 years ago
   6d2e13d9e1 New entries. 5 years ago
   7fc7a9539b Added non-crashy trick actions on style button. 5 years ago
   097d7272f6 Added CEA of blue tutu script 5 years ago
   031072c3ad Blue Tutu of Death script... 5 years ago
   0ad920c729 New scripts for trick moves on style button. 5 years ago
   c97b4fbdd3 Updated table extras comments. 5 years ago
   aeb03e8bba Added trick up option to Vergil's Trick Down script. 5 years ago
   9a4315444a Revised control flow in Vergil's Trick Down in Human Form script. 5 years ago
   2ed23b46f0 Vergil's Trick Down in Human form script is fully functional! 5 years ago
   3a5e3dd6e3 More documentation & script that properly gives Vergil directions in human+air condition. 5 years ago
   cad08ddef2 Documented more sections regarding inputs and player moves. 5 years ago
   66164d0822 Removed extra comments of table's copy of Always Sprint cheat 5 years ago
   f5155538f2 New sprint cheats. 5 years ago
   5ee45b976f Found region with logic that affects sprinting. 5 years ago
   7528c6f981 New section for Nero and Exceed 5 years ago
   796a78195b Added boss rush and scripted stage skipping. 5 years ago
   c52f174097 Added keyboard walk. 5 years ago
   688795af78 Minor - description fixes. 5 years ago
   a1164b6a9f Fixed Must Style Mode 5 years ago
   84071fd002 Added infinite sky star and air hike 5 years ago
   c347b80f08 Added Vergil DT trick moves in human form scripts 5 years ago
   d3cf3f44e3 Relabeled stuff related to Lady & some other clean up 5 years ago
   93ba3a7144 Lady Infinite grenades & some minor clean up 5 years ago
   f43e83937e Added Berial Fire Lost script and some boss data 5 years ago
   0047e8c43d Added LDK+DMD Script 5 years ago
   05bfc5c3c3 Added script that removes need to collect orbs in missions. 5 years ago
   96ea2356bd Added style meter 5 years ago
   c97b5849f0 Added enemy 1 hit kill to table. 5 years ago
   22bbafc193 Large categories are collapsed on default now. 5 years ago
   4a7a9ec9e8 Added scoring data for Vergil 5 years ago
   2660cdd691 Mapped out upgrades for Dante's region in Save Data 5 years ago
   de1949d9e1 Mapped out upgrades for Nero's region in Save Data 5 years ago
   1fd4624e27 Identified Save Data section for Lady/Trish & some corrections 5 years ago
   36802d98c0 Purged headers, added more documentation. 5 years ago
   27ecd3204e Added script that allows item buying from statue on BP start menu 5 years ago