51 Commits (13a85ab87a891da027aec1b8841f268dcec022e8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
13a85ab87a Created ignore file 4 years ago
1308759be7 Snapped upper portion of patch mesh to grid 4 years ago
b8790d6ab9 Fixed settemp for type 4 years ago
129221abcb Added b1 tag for beta release 4 years ago
9040c4a74d Fixed r_water line 4 years ago
d2dbb44a4b Added map info 4 years ago
95045be737 Added waypoint files for bots 4 years ago
fd3a4ad331 Added placeholder textures for icy look 4 years ago
65f172c963 Swapped position of powerup and uzi 4 years ago
0af419e859 Moved square warpzone away from surf-curve destination 4 years ago
f6dd9199bd Added stragler ceiling brush to func group 4 years ago
413035c031 Replaced invalid textures with caulk 4 years ago
b3f93e7b0d Snapped item pickups to grid to prevent flickering effect 4 years ago
e94dda6475 Re-imported surf curve to fix vis issue 4 years ago
e679bd9667 Imported cylinder cap 4 years ago
d5701cbdb0 Adjusted clip wall 4 years ago
fc69e03246 Applied texturing for exterior view of halo 4 years ago
8aa8330b09 Created entity for halo warpzone 4 years ago
c619aa087a Added a warpzone (near surf curve) 4 years ago
c12608a93b Extended ceiling to prevent headbumping from powered up blaster jumps 4 years ago
0157347e88 Added slick surfaces and adjusted bording panels 4 years ago
3a9a13f31c Fixed item visibility issue 4 years ago
86b59ef2d4 Smoothened out surf curve 4 years ago
d3bd625e54 Added skybox 4 years ago
c930c62ec0 Fixed brush overlap on ceiling 4 years ago
cc4dada9c5 Added group for ceiling 4 years ago
a7db4f6ca1 Added invisible ceiling 4 years ago
d7d1dd1e40 Simplified geometry for the main slick lane 4 years ago
a66eb16c66 Added bevels to slick pipes 4 years ago
6fd7b2a9a8 Applied placeholder textures to areas that needed extra clipping 4 years ago
1f47675ea4 Added textures to portions of the floor 4 years ago
db3ff21683 Applied placeholder texture to stairs leading to warpzone 4 years ago
afbee3d62e Applied placeholder texture to 100a and cliffs area 4 years ago
72363495e3 Repositioned warp platform so its better centered around a pillar 4 years ago
90da7f0805 Applied placeholder texture to northern quartercircle steps 4 years ago
a43580eab3 Applied placeholder texture to curved walkway near 100A 4 years ago
0f92c0dd73 Applied placeholder textures to 50 armor area 4 years ago
a7a5884614 Applied placeholder texture to western cliff area 4 years ago
81aa97ee90 Applied placeholder texture to another half-arch 4 years ago
7ba531349f Applied placeholder textuer to upper southwest stairs 4 years ago
c47d81410c Snapped all brushes to Grid1 4 years ago
47da3ba75c Applied placeholder texture on group: west path to southring 4 years ago
41d3b32552 Applied placeholder texture to surf-curve 4 years ago
e2abeaf927 Applied placeholder texture to one of the half-arches 4 years ago
747799a902 Applied placeholder texture to back curve-hall 4 years ago
ee902def10 marked some interior arches as detail 4 years ago
44b95d5d5e Applied placeholder texture to south ring region 4 years ago
da7d5ff3bb Applied placeholder texture to southfloor-to-back stairs 4 years ago
45d3b2bff4 Applied placeholder texture to visible faces of a group 4 years ago
3d61359b99 Added most brushes to groups 4 years ago