80 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  - 02f26de3be updated text and packaging script 2 years ago
  - 7f9d91f8b1 Redesigned jumptricks around shield 2 years ago
  - 21eab49ba0 Fixed vis issues near bevel stairs 2 years ago
  - 32c2ab8b39 Renamed files for b4 2 years ago
  - 2afdfc0a3f ADDED FREEDOM 2 years ago
  - 29e7323b63 Merged some brushes 2 years ago
  - edf4450ddc Caulked 'blank' textures on white band interiors 2 years ago
  scuti a68c2d938e Merge branch 'basic' of scuti/dm_infinity-improv2 into master 2 years ago
  - 9785851029 Removed leftover and unneeded patch meshes 2 years ago
  - 3617cd7333 Updated beta description 2 years ago
  scuti 018fbc281d Merge branch 'aesthetic' of scuti/dm_infinity-improv2 into master 2 years ago
  - 30c75b8a0b Renamed files for b3 2 years ago
  - 201ea78dff Fixed warpzone seam 2 years ago
  - 5fc2e1b01f Fixed seams on bevel stairs and added better curves on halfpipe 2 years ago
  - 51ac557e5c Added shifts to reduce appearance of seams 3 years ago
  - 362c2d0d4f Set surface of two surfaces near the window to be axial 3 years ago
  - a493cd11e2 Added white band to upper area of map 3 years ago
  - 2a18e04ae7 Moved positions of mega armor and 50 armor 3 years ago
  - b081b48f22 Merged geometry and recut to add caulks 3 years ago
   86630bed5f Fixed small triangular hole in the map 3 years ago
   cb46e36cd1 Updated mapinfo for beta 2 3 years ago
   1fa616c197 Made visible surf curve nonsolid 3 years ago
   9a18af69ae Added waypoints to the shield 3 years ago
   115b40de31 Renaming for b2 3 years ago
   18024b8c36 Barred entry to the top of the halo 3 years ago
   c7a7cbf4ea Added str position indicator on edge of circular warpzone 3 years ago
   1f205ee270 Improved alignment of circular warpzones 3 years ago
   2d9020715b Fixed circular warpzone z-fighting 3 years ago
   f09a03c543 Improved smoothness of surf curve 3 years ago
   13a85ab87a Created ignore file 3 years ago
   1308759be7 Snapped upper portion of patch mesh to grid 3 years ago
   b8790d6ab9 Fixed settemp for type 3 years ago
   129221abcb Added b1 tag for beta release 3 years ago
   9040c4a74d Fixed r_water line 3 years ago
   d2dbb44a4b Added map info 3 years ago
   95045be737 Added waypoint files for bots 3 years ago
   fd3a4ad331 Added placeholder textures for icy look 3 years ago
   65f172c963 Swapped position of powerup and uzi 3 years ago
   0af419e859 Moved square warpzone away from surf-curve destination 3 years ago
   f6dd9199bd Added stragler ceiling brush to func group 3 years ago
   413035c031 Replaced invalid textures with caulk 3 years ago
   b3f93e7b0d Snapped item pickups to grid to prevent flickering effect 3 years ago
   e94dda6475 Re-imported surf curve to fix vis issue 3 years ago
   e679bd9667 Imported cylinder cap 3 years ago
   d5701cbdb0 Adjusted clip wall 3 years ago
   fc69e03246 Applied texturing for exterior view of halo 3 years ago
   8aa8330b09 Created entity for halo warpzone 3 years ago
   c619aa087a Added a warpzone (near surf curve) 3 years ago
   c12608a93b Extended ceiling to prevent headbumping from powered up blaster jumps 3 years ago
   0157347e88 Added slick surfaces and adjusted bording panels 3 years ago