26 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
   71eb5ce66e Tweaked tagline 3 years ago
   6f8cfc90cf Added preview image for map 3 years ago
   13df9b19e7 Added files preparing for first release 3 years ago
   76c6ee0402 Fixed missing texture on doorway of a warpzone 3 years ago
   1e8ba7a5f6 Exterior texturing - fix overvisibility from top of the dome 3 years ago
   04e273af68 Fixed overvisibility from long hall POV 3 years ago
   9af46365cb Fully textured interior 3 years ago
   e06b6d1ba3 Fully textured Mortar Room & Partially textured MA Room 3 years ago
   fec287e948 Textured exterior 3 years ago
   d75eb476a4 Impassable warpzone adjustments & red color 3 years ago
   5c4aad0615 Made impassable warpzones red/crimson 3 years ago
   15283f25eb Added ignore file - omit compiled files 3 years ago
   9034ef9b61 Adjusted impassable warpzones effects - complete for gameplay 3 years ago
   b311ea2d90 Added bent warpzone 3 years ago
   d90f7d4dd0 Added 3rd and last walkthrough warpzone 3 years ago
   268745a751 Created and linked two sets of warpzones 3 years ago
   bd3cca7a73 Resolved issue with overvisibility from Mortar on Hallway 3 years ago
   997e8134f6 Fully textured interiors 3 years ago
   4582e2a4fb Textured floors of the hallway 3 years ago
   16167dbb15 Fully placeholder-textured a room segment 3 years ago
   042692d46f Declared dome as detail brush 3 years ago
   ec9c13742b Applied placeholder concrete structure in dome room 3 years ago
   4aa5d1b799 Glass textured the dome 3 years ago
   21ac34fa0d Added skybox and aligned things to grid for ease of initial compiling 3 years ago
   d3d695be40 Declared more functional groups for rooms 3 years ago
   44f9a2d1bd Initial w/ Dome as func group 3 years ago