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  suhrke deee0cc960 Merge branch 'gettingstarted' of scuti/daedevil1 into master 2 years ago
  _ 38205556bc Updated library and added script to get meshes 2 years ago
  surkeh 6cfaad0f8c Proposed interface: use return value 2 years ago
  surkeh 4cff2f00ea Merge branch 'master' of https://git.teknik.io/scuti/daedevil1 2 years ago
  surkeh abc7c3c5cf Possible interface to lib3ddevil1 added 2 years ago
  suhrke 0bafd639d2 Update 'README.md' 2 years ago
  suhrke b7252dc836 Update '.gitmodules' 2 years ago
  surkeh 5fb7ec0c30 Skeletal structure and submodule added 2 years ago
  surkeh 19973544d8 Initial commit, Debian dependencies listed 2 years ago