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Re-implementation of grab/protocol detection algorithm

Carlos Reding 1 year ago
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@@ -2,23 +2,9 @@
Puppeteer is the core library behind the light modulator, built to
create a simple, low level interface with the device. It provides two
classes that will let any user program the light modulator: SetupDevice()
and SetProtocol().\n

SetupDevice(panel_type="rgb", default_filter="No_Filter")\n\t
Initialise the light modulator and set the routines needed to control
the hardware,ranging from light modulation, filte#r selection,
temperature control and or image acquisition. This library also provides
the means to calibrate the device if needed, through the function
'calibrate()'. It defaults to multi-wavelength panel ('rgb') with no
filters. \n

SetProtocol(with_device=None, filters=("No_Filter",), and_wavelenghts=(3,),
well_number=96, protocol_name="default_protocol", **kwargs)\n\t
Defines the core protocol in for the light modulator. It allows the
selection of multiple settings, ranging from filters to microtitre plate
type. These options are passed onto the function 'Run()', which lets the
user run the protocol (for more info, see help(Run)). It defaults to a
96-well microtitre plate using no filters.
and SetProtocol().
TODO: better documentation here, format as reStructured Text.

from ._core import SetupDevice, SetProtocol
@@ -53,7 +39,8 @@ def Controller(USR_INSTRUCTIONS, Connection, cancel_switch, ConnectionStatus,
Protocol = SetProtocol(with_device=Box, filters=user_filters,
well_number=96, protocol_name='default_protocol')
BoxQueue.put([Box, Protocol, USR_INSTRUCTIONS.QueueFile]) # Export `Protocol' before Run begins.
if BoxQueue:
BoxQueue.put([Box, Protocol, USR_INSTRUCTIONS.QueueFile]) # Export `Protocol' before Run begins.
# Run Protocol. `Connection' is no longer a dependency of this method as
# the log messages produced interfere with the GUI during a protocol run.
@@ -204,3 +191,4 @@ def CameraRepetitions():
Replicates = 3
Lag_per_replicate = 0.25
return Replicates, Lag_per_replicate