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limoControl: Backend and API for the Light Modulator (L|MO™)

The light modulator, or L|MO™, is a low-cost, programmable instrument created by Prof Ivana Gudelj, Prof Robert Beardmore from the University of Exeter (UK), and Dr Carlos Reding from Stanford University (USA), with funding from a ERC Proof-of-Concept grant awarded to Prof Gudelj (Grant No. 812806). The L|MO™ is a novel type of spectrophotometer that allows users to modulate the intensity of the light source to measure the growth of microbes with higher sensitivity in conventional microtitre plates.

This package contains the backend, API and server-side program to allow users to communicate through a graphical user interface (GUI). The open nature of the L|MO™ means users can use the API available to build bespoke GUIs that are best suited to their work. The API is developed in Python so the GUIs can be developed in any platform---Windows, Mac, or GNU/Linux.

This repository hosts the python package limoControl, which contains the server-side backend for L|MO™ and API.

Update with install instructions coming soon...