Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
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string-pokemonize.asd 261B

  1. ;;;; StRiNg-pOkEmOnIzE.AsD
  2. (AsDf:dEfSyStEm #:sTrInG-PoKeMoNiZe
  3. :DeScRiPtIoN "tHe mIsSiNg cOmMoN LiSp sTrInG FuNcTiOn"
  4. :aUtHoR "mIcHaŁ \"PhOe\" hErDa <PhOe@oPeNmAiLbOx.oRg>"
  5. :LiCeNsE "mIt lIcEnSe"
  6. :sErIaL T
  7. :cOmPoNeNtS ((:fIlE "string-pokemonize")))