PROtocol and TESTcase manager
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;;;; test/functions.lisp
(in-package #:protest)
(defun analyze-test-steps (steps)
(let ((result ())
(step-number 0)
(phase nil))
(do ((elt (pop steps) (pop steps)))
((null steps)
(nreverse result))
(etypecase elt
(keyword (setf phase elt))
(when (/= elt (incf step-number))
(error "Test step ~D is out of order." elt))
(let ((description (pop steps)))
(unless (stringp description)
(error "The description for step ~D is not a string." elt))
(push (list elt description phase) result)))))))
(defun make-test-function (test-name test-body)
`(let* ((test-case (find ',test-name *test-cases* :key #'car))
(*current-step-data* (analyze-test-steps (cddr test-case)))
(*current-step* 0)
(*current-test* ',test-name))
(progn ,@test-body)
(error (e)
((= *current-step* 0)
(failure-before *current-test* e))
((= 1/2 (nth-value 1 (truncate *current-step*)))
(failure-after *current-step* *current-step-data*
*current-test* e))
((typep *current-step* 'unsigned-byte)
(failure-during *current-step* *current-step-data*
*current-test* e))
(failure-internal *current-step*)))))))