PROtocol and TESTcase manager
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;;;; protest.asd
(asdf:defsystem #:protest
:description "Common Lisp PROtocol and TESTcase Manager"
:author "Michał \"phoe\" Herda <>"
:license "MIT 2-Clause"
:serial t
:depends-on (#:alexandria
:components (;; General data
(:file "util/package")
(:file "util/util")
;; Protocol management
(:file "pro/vars")
(:file "pro/verify-class")
(:file "pro/parse/function")
(:file "pro/parse/macro")
(:file "pro/parse/variable")
(:file "pro/parse/class")
(:file "pro/parse/option")
(:file "pro/parse/form")
(:file "pro/macros")
;; Test case management
(:file "test/vars")
(:file "test/failures")
(:file "test/readtable")
(:file "test/functions")
(:file "test/macros")
;; HTML generation
(:file "web/web")))