PROtocol and TESTcase manager
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;;;; macros.lisp
(in-package #:protest)
(defmacro define-protocol
(&whole whole protocol-name options &body forms)
(let ((export (nth-value 1 (get-properties options '(:export)))))
,@(loop for (form docstring) on forms
for exportp = (or (eq export t)
(and export
(listp export)
(listp form)
(member (second form) export)))
if (and (listp form)
(keywordp (car form))
(stringp docstring))
collect (parse-form form docstring exportp)
else if (and (listp form)
(keywordp (car form)))
collect (parse-form form nil exportp))
(let ((data (remove-strings (cdr ',whole)))
(value (find ',protocol-name *protocols* :key #'car)))
(unless (equal data value)
(when value
(warn "Redefining ~S in DEFINE-PROTOCOL" ',protocol-name))
(setf *protocols*
(cons data
(if value
(remove ',protocol-name *protocols* :key #'car)