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  ojizero 03305a74c5
move got as standard dependency 1 year ago
  ojizero 7edfb16e9c
initial chages to support different clients 1 year ago
  ojizero 602695d042
pass payload unchanged to underlying client 1 year ago
  ojizero 44e599c046
fix onHttpErrors resolve behaviour 1 year ago
  ojizero c0bf238d1c
test cases for simplified joi 1 year ago
  ojizero ec5804bc5d
refactor RouteFunction behaviour, document it 1 year ago
  ojizero a0a2f422d7
work on method factory behvaiour with parsing its args 1 year ago
  ojizero f49742eb91
more on docs 1 year ago
  ojizero 618472a735
add motivation behind writing it 1 year ago
  ojizero 12dd7b4c46
added todo 1 year ago
  ojizero 5753c6e159
markdown does not have ####### 1 year ago
  ojizero 277dcdd9a7
more on documentations, still more documenting is needed 1 year ago
  ojizero 94610d86a4
base docs xD 1 year ago
  ojizero ae92811c9e
correct usage examples 1 year ago
  ojizero 9c170c6452
futher setup and module skeleton 1 year ago
  ojizero 598cac9937
Initial commit 1 year ago