18 Commits (7d4b91d92efb0c11d17821e726a76cf5984c9454)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ojizero 7d4b91d92e added diff staged files 1 year ago
  ojizero 8d4d3faf74 setup diff-so-fancy and update brewfile 1 year ago
  ojizero 4d4d1bfc65 autostash is a thing :O 1 year ago
  ojizero 61094101fa added graph/tree aliases to ease reaching git graph view 1 year ago
  ojizero b2347e6c4f corrected newgh git alias 1 year ago
  ojizero 4dfac232fe update git aliases 1 year ago
  ojizero 4299fa7cbb amend shorthand uses --no-edit 1 year ago
  ojizero 8c051f6856 renamed long form for status to not conflict with stash list :D 1 year ago
  ojizero a6b56a3b27 add GitHub hub CLI (with a couple aliases) as well as AWS SAM 1 year ago
  ojizero 5a30f2c240 fix amend shorthand to not conflict with git-am subcommand 1 year ago
  ojizero ad4a820637 ini shorthand for git init 1 year ago
  ojizero ccf76f47cb add psu git subcommand 1 year ago
  ojizero f95889113a follow tags with git push 1 year ago
  ojizero 983244338a git changes 1 year ago
  ojizero e2a1edb59c migrated more from old config 1 year ago
  ojizero d7da2c2f5e git log aliases 1 year ago
  ojizero 57ade4d04a additional gitconfig 1 year ago
  ojizero bd92c53326 added gitconfig 1 year ago