Privacy aware uploading tool
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  1. ## Privacy aware spargetti code uploader
  2. This script is meant to fit the author's needs and everyone who requires a upload tool with the following requirements:
  3. 1. Uses tor for uploading
  4. 2. Allows to upload files and screenshots directly
  5. 3. Asks for confirmation after taking screenshot before uploading to prevent leaking private information that can happen with this kind of scripts
  6. ### Dependencies:
  7. `zenity curl torsocks jq`
  8. ### Usage:
  9. Screenshot part of screen and upload:
  10. `uguucho -s`
  11. Screenshot entire screen and upload:
  12. `uguucho -F`
  13. Upload file
  14. `uguucho Rimu\ Selfie\ on\ Tub.jpg`