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WIP: yt-mango 💾

YT metadata extractor inspired by youtube-ma by CorentinB


Install and compile the Go project with go get github.com/terorie/yt-mango!

If you don’t have a Go toolchain, grab an executable from the Releases tab

Project structure
  • /data: Data definitions
  • /api: Abstract API definitions
    • /apiclassic: HTML API implementation (parsing using goquery)
    • /apijson: JSON API implementation (parsing using fastjson)
  • /net: HTTP utilities (asnyc HTTP implementation)

  • /pretty: (not yet used) Terminal color utilities

  • /controller: (not yet implemented) worker management

    • /db: (not yet implemented) MongoDB connection
    • ???: (not yet implemented) Redis queue
  • /classic: Extractor calling the HTML /watch API

  • /watchapi: Extractor calling the JSON /watch API