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4 years ago
package data
import "time"
type Video struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Title string `json:"title"`
Description string `json:"description"`
Uploader string `json:"uploader"`
UploaderID string `json:"uploader_id"`
UploaderURL string `json:"uploader_url"`
UploadDate time.Time `json:"upload_date"`
Thumbnail string `json:"thumbnail"`
URL string `json:"url"`
License string `json:"license,omitempty"`
Genre string `json:"genre"`
Tags []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`
4 years ago
Subtitles []string `json:"subtitles,omitempty"`
Duration uint64 `json:"duration"`
4 years ago
FamilyFriendly bool `json:"family_friendly"`
Views uint64 `json:"views"`
Likes uint64 `json:"likes"`
Dislikes uint64 `json:"dislikes"`
Formats []Format `json:"formats,omitempty"`
type Subtitle struct {
URL string
Extension string