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Автор SHA1 Сообщение Дата
  Yen Chi Hsuan 72f3289ac4
[test/test_socks] Add tests for SOCKS proxies 5 лет назад
  Jaime Marquínez Ferrándiz 779822d945 Add experimental support for lazy loading the info extractors 6 лет назад
  Yen Chi Hsuan 101067de12 Jython support - handle *.class files 6 лет назад
  oteng 03ff2cc1c4 [Auengine] corrected extractions logic 7 лет назад
  Philipp Hagemeister 4d7b03f1f2 [zsh-completion] Ignore generated file (#3890) 7 лет назад
  Jaime Marquínez Ferrándiz 56d1912f1d Add a completion script generator for the fish shell 7 лет назад
  mcd1992 a2360a4c80 Moved from os.system to subprocess.call 7 лет назад
  Philipp Hagemeister 455fa214b6 Ignore more downloaded files 8 лет назад
  Filippo Valsorda 79cfb46d42 add tox configuration file for easy testing 8 лет назад
  Philipp Hagemeister e0df6211cc Restore accidentally deleted commits 8 лет назад
  Ismael Mejia 67dfbc0cb9 Added exceptions for the subtitle and video types in .gitignore 8 лет назад
  Johny Mo Swag 51af426d89 forgot to fix this. 9 лет назад
  Johny Mo Swag 64c78d50cc working - worldstarhiphop IE 9 лет назад
  Philipp Hagemeister bfc6ea7935 Ignore PyPi metadata 9 лет назад
  Filippo Valsorda cb6ff87fbb The new updates system, relies on gh-pages, secured by RSA, uses external web servers 9 лет назад
  Nick Daniels 8a2f13c304 Ignore DS_Store files in Git 9 лет назад
  Filippo Valsorda fedb6816cd rollback tests multiprocess, Travis and OSX don't support it 9 лет назад
  Filippo Valsorda 23109d6a9c youtube-dl.tar.gz make target 9 лет назад
  Filippo Valsorda cc51a7d4e0 New repo skeleton, getting ready for PyPi 9 лет назад
  Philipp Hagemeister 4d47921c9e ignore kate swap files 9 лет назад
  Jeff Crouse fdef722fa1 Added YouPorn infoExtractor 9 лет назад
  Jeff Crouse 110d4f4c91 Added Pornotube support (for Laborers of Love) 9 лет назад
  Filippo Valsorda - Campagna c6306eb798 wine-py2exe.sh to create the exe under linux (!!) 9 лет назад
  Rogério Brito f1f300e629 Add list of files to ignore for `youtube-dl`. 10 лет назад