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Fix typo in preface 2 лет назад
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Fix typo 3 лет назад
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[pg.16][Content][broken link] 3 лет назад
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Update Operating Systems From 0 to 1.txt 3 лет назад
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[pg.42][Typo][effective->effectively etc] 3 лет назад
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Point the PDF to mastr, so I don't have to manually update it 3 лет назад
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[pg.29][grammar]sentence structure 3 лет назад
  battaile 268f3840ad
[pg.25][grammar]modifier and preposition fixes 3 лет назад
  Huy Le 6db57ebe34 Fix typo: get it the way => get in the way 3 лет назад
  Tu Do 11d47f4760 [Fix #82] Improve layout 3 лет назад
  Tu Do fd30c07b5a Update the lyx file for typos/grammar errors 3 лет назад
  Tu Do 5702dea296
Merge pull request #81 from onlywade/typo_and_grammar_fixes 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 2f35760896 Correct grammar: for proofreading if he can understand it => for proofreading, to ensure he can understand it 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 2b1a1d932a Correct grammar: better to put => best to include 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron f27a9c9111 Correct grammar: body of knowledge ... are required => body of knowledge ... is required 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 53735f7ff7 Correct typo: hides => hiding 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 950618f85b Correct grammar 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 2572a03fa5 Correct typo (understandings => understanding), adjust grammar 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron fc4f9dd8fb Correct typo (difference => different), adjust grammar 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 8a6696a582 Correct grammar: from generations to generations => from generation to generation 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron f89fff29f7 Correct grammar: he should better be => he had better be 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 2f25019685 Correct typo: ignorant => ignorance 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 488c567da7 Correct typo: domain => domains 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron 54259c1f0d Correct typo: start => started 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron c96007f52b Correct typo: presenting => presented 3 лет назад
  Wade Catron e2d569300e Correct grammar: remove extraneous word (either) 3 лет назад