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# Prerequisites

Know some circuit concepts:
+ Basic Concepts of Electricity: atom, electrons, proton, neutron, current flow.
+ Ohm law

However, if you know absolute nothing, you can quickly learn it here:, by reading chapter 1 and chapter 2.

Know some C programming. In particular:

- Variable and functions declaration/definitions

- While and for loops.

- Understand how pointers work.

- Fundamentals of algorithm and data structure in C.

Know Linux basics:

- Know how to navigate directory with the command line

- Know how to invoke a command with options.

- Know how to pipe output to another program.

Know how to touch type. Since we are going to use Linux, touch typing helps. I
know typing speed does not relate to problem -solving, but at least the speed
should be fast enough not to let it get it the way and degrade the learning

In general, I assume that a reader acquired basic programming knowledge with C,
and can use an IDE at its basic. That is, know how to press the Play button for
building and running a program.

# Status:
* Part 1
- Chapter 1: Complete