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Basic command-line downloader for multiple hosts, meant for batch downloading and headless systems unlike jDownloader and co. Since 13th of November, 2017!

The script was currently tested on Linux only, but I think it should work on all platforms P.S. Please meet all the requirements


python3 [urls...] [-h/-i]

FilesFM python file&folder downloader

positional arguments:
  urls               links to filehosts

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --interactive, -i  Enables prompts done during the download Enable this to
                 activate partial folder downloads


Python >=3.6 (I've coded on this version, if it works on lower versions it's purely accidental) BeautifulSoup4

Planned features:


  • Supports downloading from:
    • - Files only
  • Selective download of folders for select filehosts (beta):