29 Commit (master)

Autore SHA1 Messaggio Data
  Mathieu Laparie ca2512dd34 Change default text in search field. 1 anno fa
  Mathieu Laparie e0de8f2a8d Small changes to Rofi window: remove the emoji from the search field, switch to 2 columns instead of 3. 1 anno fa
  Mathieu Laparie 1aa2a572e7 Small correction in unicode list. 1 anno fa
  Mathieu Laparie cbada12977 Added unicode characters. 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter a7319d95c7 Support alternative emoji lists 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 79057cb1a6 Format the annotations to be less obtrusive 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 9a16f997e0 Update emojis to have annotations 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 913844c627 Update dependencies and emojis 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter d97c1953d2 Small fixes and style 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter a5e44f0042 Reorder the code 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 68478fdc89 Pass through arguments to rofi 1 anno fa
  Florian Bruhin 462363d11a Fix handling of --skin-tone 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 0f81d64c41 Add default skin tone selection 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 4a33d2ba68 Add alternative ways to insert emoji 1 anno fa
  Vyacheslav Konovalov 5f150c90d4 use clipboard and Control+v to insert emojis 1 anno fa
  Vyacheslav Konovalov 33bc7f735f use primary selection and middle mouse button to insert emojis 1 anno fa
  Vyacheslav Konovalov 3aa8828247 remove emoji insert timeout 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter b1307563a9 Update to emoji v12 🪐 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 2caf4479a0 Fix copying multiple emojis 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 96dcd6be99 Show modified emoji when asking for skin tone 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 45fa065b3c Introduce delay to xdotool 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 566016d9d8 Small style fixes 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter ab768cf7c0 Add second skin color step to the emoji picker 1 anno fa
  Fabian Winter 31d91abafb Load emojis from official unicode site 1 anno fa
  Rasmus Steinke b60d3dc1ee
Update rofimoji.py 2 anni fa
  Fabian Winter be6f866541 Update emojis, again 2 anni fa
  Fabian Winter df6a2d2ea1 More emojis 🧙 2 anni fa
  Fabian Winter 75508b07a4 Update emojis 😸 2 anni fa
  Fabian Winter b3ff62d269 Add emoji picker 😁 2 anni fa