A simple emoji picker for rofi with multi-selection
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il y a 2 ans
  1. # [2.0.1]
  2. ## Fixed
  3. - Fix bug when trying to copy multiple emojis. (#6)
  4. # [2.0.0]
  5. ## Changed
  6. - Download emoji list from https://unicode.org/emoji/charts-11.0/full-emoji-list.html instead of emojipedia, as that one didn't work at all anymore
  7. - Skin color selection is now a second step after certain ("human") emojis. Only the neutral version is included in the main list, which accordingly is a lot smaller now.
  8. ## Added
  9. - Downloading, parsing and extracting emoji properties from https://unicode.org/Public/emoji//11.0/emoji-data.txt so that we can find "human" emojis for skin color selection
  10. - A changelog 😁