Archive of Aigis, the PHP IRC bot.
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IRC bot written in PHP.


Packages (WAMP on Windows has all of this): PHP5 and MySQL (for the LinkInfo plugin, you also need curl)

PHP modules: MySQLnd, cURL (for link parsing), PCRE, PCNTL (for restart command)

Replier.php requires the following aside from PHP5:

Python 3 markovify (pip install markovify)

If you don’t want to/can’t get these modules, just don’t include the plugins that use them. However, AigisIRC’s core requires PCRE, making it the only absolutely required PHP module.

How to use

  1. Edit the config.ini file to set up netwoks.
  2. Make the “aigis” file executable.
  3. Run the following command: ./aigis NetworkName

Where in IRC to see Aigis in action

On Rizon (as Aigis or the alt nick, NaotoShirogane): #Aigis, #dprk and #rice (owner nick is lunarmage)

Send me a message on either Rizon or through GitHub if you want me to run Aigis in your IRC network.