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nyaa is down but nyaa-up is here to save the day


With nyaa down, I’m too lazy to get flexget working with other RSS feeds. So I just write my own.


  • A working internet connection

  • python3 and (optional) virtualenv

  • transmission-daemon


  • Clone this repository:

git clone

  • (Optional) Create a virtualenv:

cd nyaa-up && virtualenv -p python3 ./ && source bin/activate

  • Install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt


  • (Optional) Activate the virtualenv if you’re using one:

cd nyaa-up && source bin/activate

  • Change settings in config.txt to your liking
titles = [ "mashin" ]
quality = 320k
url =
dest_dir = /var/www/html/torrents/anisong

host = localhost
port = 9091
username = admin
password = water
download_dir = /var/www/html/torrents/unsortedanime/
database = db.txt
torrent_files = /var/www/html/torrents/torrentfiles/

titles = [ "tsuki ga kirei",
           "little witch academia",
quality = 1080p
url =
  • Run


  • Or if you want it to run in periodically, put it in a cronjob
crontab -e
*/30 * * * * ~/nyaa-up/bin/python3 ~/nyaa-up/