Gentoo installation script
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gein - GEntoo INstaller

$ sh gein
gein - GEntoo INstaller

  -h help       Suggests to read the script and Gentoo documentation

Required first step:
  -b bootstrap  Bootstrap the stage3 tarball

Post-bootstrap options:
  -m minimal    Only install required gentoo packages
  -d desktop    Install required and desktop packages
  -l laptop     Install required, desktop, and laptop packages
  1. Read the entire script, I may do things you won't like or want.
  2. Download and boot the Gentoo livecd of your choosing.
  3. Configure and mount your partitions.
  4. Download gein into /mnt/gentoo.
cd /mnt/gentoo
  1. Bootstrap the Gentoo installation.
# Once this command completes, you should be in your new chroot
sh /mnt/gentoo/gein -b
  1. From the new chroot, install your desired version
# Minimal install (only bare minimum packages)
sh gein -m

# Desktop install (a full desktop with baked-in configs)
sh gein -d

# Laptop install (add power monitoring, wifi)
sh gein -l