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## Installing Gentoo using `gein`
The installation process is almost entirely automated, though will
require user input for many sections to simplify the script as well as
make it more versatile.
0) Read the entire script, I may do things you won't like or want.
1) Download and boot the Gentoo livecd of your choosing.
2) Configure and mount your partitions.
3) Download `gein` into `/mnt/gentoo`.
cd /mnt/gentoo
4) Run `gein`.
# Initialize/Bootstrap the Gentoo installation.
sh /mnt/gentoo/gein -i
# From the new chroot, install the Gentoo base.
sh gein -b
From here you can either reboot into the base system, or install
additional utilities via the following options.
# Install Desktop packages
sh gein -d
# Install Laptop packages
sh gein -l
# Install Server packages
sh gein -s
# If you want to trim the total size of the installation, you may run
# the following to "safely" remove non-vital cruft.
sh gein -c
## Caveats
- I've automated the creation of a 2G swapfile during the installation
process, so remove this file when the installation is complete and
update `/etc/fstab` to use your desired swap partition or simply
don't make a swap partition.
- I'm lazy and haven't fully automated installing Grub, so if you're
using UEFI then read the script and adjust `Boot_Grub()` to your
- The total size of this installation, even after running `gein -c`,
is still rather large at roughly 1.5gb or so.
- There may be other lingering issues, please report them if possible.