Gentoo installation script
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gein is a collection of files driven by a shell script that (somewhat) automates installing Gentoo.


  • Read the Gentoo Handbook for your system
  • Audit all of the files in this repository
  • You must partition and mount your storage devices before running gein


  1. Prepare a disk or USB drive

    gein should work from almost any live installation media, though Fedora Workstation or Ubuntu Desktop will most likely be best if you wish to continue using the system while you wait.

  2. Partition and mount your disks.

    Note that this example assumes that you will be using a single partition and later installing GRUB to the MBR. If you aren't using the Gentoo installation CD, you will need to run mkdir /mnt/gentoo before performing these steps:

    $ fdisk /dev/sda
    $ mkfs.xfs /dev/sda1
    $ mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/gentoo
  3. Download

    You should be able to run the script from anywhere, but in general it may be best to sudo -i and cd ~/ so that you are a privileged user.

    $ wget
    $ sh
    gein: Gentoo minimal installation script
      -b. --bootstrap    Bootstrap the stage3 tarball
      -i, --install      Install Gentoo
  4. Bootstrap the system

    Now we can bootstrap the system:

    $ GEIN_PARTITION_BOOT="/dev/sda" sh ./ --bootstrap

    Once the boostrap process finishes, you will be in a chroot within /mnt/gentoo where you may proceed to the next step. Your new chroot has all the GEIN_* environment variables as you defined them.

  5. Install the desired target

    $ sh ./ --install

    At the start of the installation you'll be prompted to create a root password and pick your profile.

  6. Wait

    If you used a LiveCD then kill some time while you wait. Enjoy your new Gentoo installation!


I'm very interested in feedback regarding the contents of this repo. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or contributions please file an issue or pull request.