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* OpenSimplex (Simplectic) Noise in C.
* Ported to C from Kurt Spencer's java implementation by Stephen M. Cameron
* v1.1 (October 6, 2014)
* - Ported to C
* v1.1 (October 5, 2014)
* - Added 2D and 4D implementations.
* - Proper gradient sets for all dimensions, from a
* dimensionally-generalizable scheme with an actual
* rhyme and reason behind it.
* - Removed default permutation array in favor of
* default seed.
* - Changed seed-based constructor to be independent
* of any particular randomization library, so results
* will be the same when ported to other languages.
#if ((__GNUC_STDC_INLINE__) || (__STDC_VERSION__ >= 199901L))
#include <stdint.h>
#define INLINE inline
#elif (defined (_MSC_VER) || defined (__GNUC_GNU_INLINE__))
#include <stdint.h>
#define INLINE __inline
/* ANSI C doesn't have inline or stdint.h. */
#define INLINE
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct osn_context;
int open_simplex_noise(int64_t seed, struct osn_context **ctx);
void open_simplex_noise_free(struct osn_context *ctx);
int open_simplex_noise_init_perm(struct osn_context *ctx, int16_t p[], int nelements);
double open_simplex_noise2(struct osn_context *ctx, double x, double y);
double open_simplex_noise3(struct osn_context *ctx, double x, double y, double z);
double open_simplex_noise4(struct osn_context *ctx, double x, double y, double z, double w);
#ifdef __cplusplus