20 Commity (ebcc149607a0ac962e529bf218b45d86aefb939f)

Autor SHA1 Wiadomość Data
  Michael Porter ebcc149607 proper updates with new mesher 4 lat temu
  Michael Porter c42b7c303d removed some emacs temp files 4 lat temu
  Michael Porter 482b9d30ef mesher mostly working 4 lat temu
  Michael Porter 2ccab7a657 hopefully this mesher works 4 lat temu
  Michael Porter 9dad2ea38b began mesher rework 4 lat temu
  Michael Porter 8387fd55ae changed namespaces 4 lat temu
  = 682178667b I forgot what I did 5 lat temu
  = 6be27141be Fully functioning Rendertasks 5 lat temu
  = d617cc5525 more rendering work 5 lat temu
  = 799e3dec75 shader class 5 lat temu
  = c08726ef28 More graphics work + logging 5 lat temu
  = abef144927 deleted stupid file 5 lat temu
  = 8c47ebbd47 Basic gl state tracking 5 lat temu
  = 670456d034 started graphics rework 5 lat temu
  = 7bcf4480d5 More noise work 5 lat temu
  = 8d4d550ab4 New noise with opensimplex 5 lat temu
  = 6087d8a8cf Moved headers to include and removed terrain gen 5 lat temu
  = 3fb6df22ca Simple GLSL Depth fog 5 lat temu
  = d593a35c36 Added skybox 5 lat temu
  BuildTools 3f19c6b196 Initial commit 5 lat temu