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Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  totallyfake d65a4fc958 Script interface started пре 1 година
  totallyfake e337c5617d fixed light propogation пре 1 година
  totallyfake d6518efa9e Functioning light cascading пре 1 година
  totallyfake 8ca7862cbd more light propogation пре 1 година
  totallyfake 3895b3705e C++17 and broken sunlight propogation пре 1 година
  totallyfake 65657da18f converted lighting from short to ushort пре 1 година
  totallyfake 7fefaa89d9 break/place funcs пре 1 година
  totallyfake 1c5e4cf289 changed voxel data to use atomics пре 1 година
  totallyfake 61af2d87db working inverted z пре 1 година
  totallyfake 7d46eeea77 more depth testing пре 1 година
  totallyfake c0aa6817e7 depth buffer testing пре 1 година
  totallyfake 160495389e heightmaps fully working пре 1 година
  totallyfake d657be44f4 100% untested heightmap implementation пре 1 година
  totallyfake fa250f5d1b functional smooth lighting for cube voxels пре 1 година
  totallyfake fdecea33e0 More lighting work пре 1 година
  totallyfake b6becaaa58 more lighting work пре 1 година
  totallyfake 83a84d2bb9 prepare geometry for lighting пре 1 година
  totallyfake a23258a820 Started heightmap, some cleanup пре 1 година
  totallyfake a7c02433a9 heightmap files пре 2 година
  totallyfake 2cb2e9a494 threaded queues for mesh updates пре 2 година
  totallyfake 32c0172d08 cuckoo hash map пре 2 година
  totallyfake 6f5aedb7a9 threaded chunk generation пре 2 година
  totallyfake fa8fc0d39d thread pool пре 2 година
  totallyfake 345e56dfb1 minor cleanup пре 2 година
  totallyfake 6d6ba5da6c minor cleanup пре 2 година
  totallyfake b679541d0b packed geometry mesher пре 2 година
  totallyfake 66a0f553f7 accidentally added some files пре 2 година
  totallyfake d7430645f7 work on new voxel format пре 2 година
  totallyfake 118171d9d8 OpenGL 3.3 compatibility, more fixes пре 2 година
  totallyfake e3914376fb moved spdlog to module and fixed stuff пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 6214a6708a optimizations пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 18a6ac352f more formatting пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 2a7c5fa89c removed some stuff пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 0f61038ef1 some reformatting, started superchunkmesh пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 8fba882f71 fixed camera movement bug пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 562a334171 nanovg added, switched delta time to std::chrono пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 519f1b7e0b converted chunk update queue to deque пре 2 година
  Michael Porter fea5bf7854 stopped chunk geometry rebuilding from spawning huge amounts of threads пре 2 година
  Michael Porter ebcc149607 proper updates with new mesher пре 2 година
  Michael Porter c42b7c303d removed some emacs temp files пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 482b9d30ef mesher mostly working пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 2ccab7a657 hopefully this mesher works пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 9dad2ea38b began mesher rework пре 2 година
  Michael Porter 8387fd55ae changed namespaces пре 2 година
  = 682178667b I forgot what I did пре 3 година
  = 6be27141be Fully functioning Rendertasks пре 3 година
  = d617cc5525 more rendering work пре 3 година
  = 799e3dec75 shader class пре 3 година
  = c08726ef28 More graphics work + logging пре 3 година
  = abef144927 deleted stupid file пре 3 година