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#include <vector>
#include <utility>
#include <iostream>
#include "graphics/glstate.h"
#include "graphics/shader.h"
namespace vtk { namespace gls {
static GLuint activeShader(0);
static bool trackingEnabled(false);
static std::vector<std::pair<GLenum, bool> > flags;
int setShader(const GLuint& shaderID) {
//check that the shader we want to set isn't already active
if (activeShader == shaderID){ return 0; }
//set the shader
activeShader = shaderID;
return 1;
void setTracking(const bool& flag) {
trackingEnabled = flag;
void setFlag(const GLenum& flag, const bool& newState) {
if (trackingEnabled) {
//check if flag already === newState
GLboolean state;
glGetBooleanv(flag, &state);
if ((bool)state != newState) {
//set flag and push the new status into the flags list
if (newState) glEnable(flag);
else glDisable(flag);
} else {
if (newState) glEnable(flag);
else glDisable(flag);
void restoreState() {
if (flags.empty()) return;
//iterate through flags and reset them
for(auto& i : flags) {
if(i.second) glDisable(i.first);
else glEnable(i.first);