The easy to use and full featured Irc Bot everyone is talking about!
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# About Combot
Created by: Chris Woodward
Combot is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for those who wish to run an IRC bot easily. It includes many useful features as well as fun games. It can even be used as your personal client!
## Feature Set
* Auto-Reconnect Available
* Server Specific Configurations
* Nickname and Channel Blacklists
* Simple Yet Powerful Command Structure
* Hot loaded Modules
* Bot Configuration Access
* Automatic Invite Accepts
* Channel Moderation Control
* Message and Highlight Spam Control
* Messaging System
* Weather Information
* Google and Youtube search
* URL Information Display
* Channel Introductions
* Wolfram Alpha
* Nick Quotes
* Decision Maker
* Channel Rules
* Nick Last Seen
## Requirements
* MySQL v5.5 or greater
* .NET Framework v4.5.1
* Git (If using the GitVersionTask Nuget Package)
## Installation - Windows
1) Download the from the latest release in and extract the files to a directory of your choice.<br>
2) Edit Combot.Servers.json to configure the bot for the correct servers, channels, owner information, and MySQL database.<br>
3) If the database has not been created yet, import Database.sql from the master branch into the database.<br>
4) Run Combot-Interface.exe
## Installation - Linux
This is currently untested and not supported. If you would like to venture into the realm of unreliability and errors, you can try running the Console Interface in Mono.
## Building
To fully maximise the potential of Combot's ease of development, Visual Studios 13 should be installed. If you have Visual Studios installed, you can add **Module** to your project templates to easily create new modules. If you do not want to use a template, you can copy an existing module and work from there.
If you do not have git installed on your machine, or do not want to add the git versioning, then go to the Nuget Package Manager within Visual Studios and Uninstall the **GitVersionTask** package.
## Bugs/Feature Requests
Please report all bugs you find to me so I can fix them as soon as possible. Also if you have any feature requests, feel free to send them to me as well.
## Contact Info
IRC: (<br>
IRC: (<br>
Nick: Uncled1023