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<body color=000000FF bgcolor=CCCCCCCC>
<!-- layers are used to control what's drawn on top of what -->
<layer> <!-- background layer -->
<img name="mascot" src="anime.pnm" width=512 height=512 left=60% bottom=0>
<layer> <!-- document layer, on top of background -->
>what beyond the colors of the tabs would you want to change?
- The shape of the outline
+ how close they stand together
- Something I've really taken a liking to in firefox is how you can disable/enable sound from tabs with the icon in it's title. So perhaps a way to customize what kind of buttons (along with their functions) a tab can have would be nice too. Of course, that's not exactly something that should be prioritized.
<tabSelector color=000000FF hover=888888FF left=0 width=100% top=64 bottom=0>
<layer> <!-- above document and below control layer -->
<box color=88888888 top=0 height=64 left=0 right=0></box>
<layer> <!-- control layer -->
<box color=000000FF hover=880000FF left=32 width=32 top=16 height=32
<box color=000000FF hover=008800FF left=74 width=32 top=16 height=32
<box color=000000FF hover=000088FF left=116 width=32 top=16 height=32
<!-- fontSize doesn't work yet -->
<input color=000000FF bgcolor=FFFFFFFF left=192 right=192 top=16 height=24
onClick="address" fontSize=12>
<!-- family, onStatusBar and bgcolor don't work yet -->
<font top=16 height=16 right=0 width=192 src="DejaVuSerif.ttf" family="san-serif" size=12 color=000000FF bgcolor=FF0000FF>NetRunner</font>
<font bottom=0 height=16 left=0 width=192 src="DejaVuSerif.ttf" family="san-serif" size=12 color=000000FF bgcolor=FFFFFFFF onStatusBar="update">StatusBar: </font>