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#include <string>
#include "../../../platform/tlsf.h"
// this structure expects RGBA
struct RGBAPNMObject {
std::string magicNum;
unsigned int width, height, maxColVal;
unsigned char * m_Ptr;
// fast allocation!
static void* operator new(size_t n){
void *mem = tlsf_malloc(n);
if (mem){
return mem;
throw std::bad_alloc {};
static void operator delete(void *p){
RGBAPNMObject * readPPM(const char* fileName);
void writePBM4(const char *filename, const RGBAPNMObject &data);
void writePGM5(const char *filename, const RGBAPNMObject &data);
void writePPM6(const char *filename, const RGBAPNMObject &data);
void writePPM8(const char *filename, const RGBAPNMObject &data);