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In the face of recent changes in Firefox, some anons were asking for a /g/'s perfect web browser, we have collected here the most wanted features:

  • Granular control over incomming traffic like Policeman (more control than uMatrix in this particular subject).
  • Granular control over outgoing traffic like Tamper Data or like Privacy Settings (the addon).
  • Easy switch to preset profiles for both like uBlock Origin for incomming traffic and Privacy Settings for outgoing traffic.
  • Random presets generator for things like "user-agent" and "canvas fingerprint".
  • Custom stylesheets like Stylish.
  • Userscript support like Greasemonkey.
  • Cookie management like Cookie Monster.
  • Work in the javascript engine implementation.
  • Bookmark management.
  • HTTPS with HTTP fallback and ports management like Smart HTTPS and HTTPS by default.
  • Proxy management like FoxyProxy.
  • "Open with" feature to use an external application, like for using a video player with youtube-dl and MPV, or for text input with a text editor, and for other protocols like ftp and gopher, and even as a file picker.
  • Local cache like Decentraleyes and Load from Cache.
  • Option to turn off disk usage for all data (cache, tmp data, cookies, logs, etc.), or/and make cache read only.
  • All this in a per site basis.
  • URL Deobfuscation like "Google search link fix" and "Pure URL".
  • URI leak prevention like "No Resource URI Leak" and plugin enumeration prevention by returning "undefined".
  • Keyboard driven with dwb features like vi-like shortcuts, keyboard hints, quickmarks, custom commands.
  • Optional emacs-like keybindings (maybe default for new users to have an easier time?).
  • Non-bloated smooth UI like dwb.
  • Configuration options from an integrated command-line (with vimscript-like scripting language?).
  • A configuration file like Lynx.
  • Send commands to the background to be optionally displayed in an optional interface, as to use wget web crawling feature like a DownThemAll, and to use and watch other batch commands.
  • A way to import bookmarks from other browsers like Firefox.
  • Search customization like surfraw, dwb funtions or InstantFox Quick Search, and reverse image search like Google Reverse Image Search.
  • Low on dependencies.
  • GPL v3+.
  • Framebuffer support like NetSurf for working in the virtual terminal (TTY).
  • Actual javascript support so we can lurk and post in 4chan.


  • Create components for defining how HTML elements are rendered.
  • Create components for defining how CSS rules affect elements.
  • Render the parsed data.